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Wine needs regression tests. I think it really needs something for both the graphical aspects (widgets look, message sequence, ...) and system API aspects (open/close, semaphores, ...). Getting a test suite that provides a good coverage of the API will take time but it has to be done. So what is this 'book testing' ?

I bought, a few years ago, programming books about Windows 95. And one day (recently) I realized that these books contain lots of example programs that one can run in Wine. I also realized that many of these programs have glitches when run in Wine. So the idea is to use these programs to test Wine.

The advantages:

So as I said I have some Windows programming books (4 to be precise) and I have started testing Wine with them. The first one alone, the well known Petzold - Programming Windows 95, contains 84 programs. That's a lot of makefiles and other things to write so I have developped a small perl script and packaged it as the 'Windows Programming Book Test Kit' (please, please, help me find some other name). This kit is under the X11 license (so that it is compatible with Wine's license) and you can download it right there:


Note that you can also get the kit together with all the data for 'Programming Windows 95' from the test results for that book.

What does the script do?

Note that I do not consider this to replace a proper test suite for Wine, even less a correct regression test suite. I consider it instead to be a complementary approach. This page is hosted for free by