Wine's documentation translated to French

In 2005 the Wine documentation has been translated to French by students from the Insa of Rouen.

The credits for the translation go to:

And believe me, this is a lot of work so they really deserve our kudos. You probably noticed that the Wine Developer's Guide was not translated but that makes sense: if you want to work on Wine it's really best if you speak English anyway.

So what's needed now is to integrate the translation with Wine. This is what I have done by converting the translation to .po format to make it easier to maintain and tweaking the Makefiles accordingly.

The translation appears to have been made from a snapshot of the documentation taken in the summer of 2004. This means that now it is quite likely pretty outdated. The latest version is available from the WineHQ site, but only in English. If you are interested in helping translate the documentation, see here and here. This page is hosted for free by