How to configure a Gigaset SL450A Go to work with 3CX

3CX provides PBX services for companies and more importantly here, is compatible with SIP phones. So why not make it work with the SIP-compatible Gigaset SL450A Go?

Your 3CX admin would typically have sent you a .3cxconfig provisioning file. However the SL450A Go has no option to use that file. Maybe one is hidden somewhere in the "Configuration assistant" but unfortunately it does not know about 3CX and there is no option to continue once you pick "Other provider".

So that leaves you with having to figure out how to specify all the parameters by hand. The .3cxconfig file is a list of settings like <PBXSipPort>5060</PBXSipPort>. In the list below I will simply map those to the SL450A Go parameters so you know which value to copy/paste in each field.

So start by going to Telephony / Connections and Edit one of the available connections. Then click on 'Show advanced settings' and start filling the fields as follows:

Once done click on 'Set' and normally the new connection should have a status of 'Registered' in the 'Overview of connections' list.

Once that works, you can go to Telephony / Network mailboxes to set the 'Call number' for your new connection to the Voicemail value.

While testing the new connection it can be useful to set one of your handsets to always ask which provider to use for making calls. To do so go to Telephony / Number Assignment and pick 'Select line for each outgoing call' for the handset you will use for your tests.

Finally you can go to Telephony / Dialling Plans to specify rules mapping specific phone numbers to a given outgoing connection.

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