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Generic words/acronyms to ignore in all languages: 263.
Language References Translation Consistency Spelling
DoneFuzzyTodo ErrorsIgnored ErrorsIgnored
ar: Arabic Style Guide, Terminology ar.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 48 12 1066 0
bg: Bulgarian Style Guide, Terminology bg.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 2 0 11 0
ca: Catalan Style Guide, Terminology ca.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 9 61 118 8
cs: Czech Style Guide, Terminology cs.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 19 12 94 0
da: Danish Style Guide, Terminology da.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 19 79 298 30
de: German Style Guide, Terminology de.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 4 141 15 764
el: Greek Style Guide, Terminology el.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 14 12 0
en: English Style Guide en.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 23 34
en_US: English Style Guide en_US.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 23 34
eo: Esperanto eo.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 11 124 0
es: Spanish Style Guide, Terminology es.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 125 1 142
fa: Persian Style Guide, Terminology fa.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 21 0
fi: Finnish Style Guide, Terminology fi.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 56 1 945
fr: French Style Guide, Terminology fr.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 6 135 22 68
he: Hebrew Style Guide, Terminology he.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 13 212 24 0
hi: Hindi Style Guide, Terminology hi.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 6 0
hr: Croatian Style Guide, Terminology hr.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 73 44 491 0
hu: Hungarian Style Guide, Terminology hu.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 31 47 666 3
it: Italian Style Guide, Terminology it.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 31 65 219 8
ja: Japanese Style Guide, Terminology ja.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 94 57 n/a n/a
ko: Korean Style Guide, Terminology ko.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 33 44 n/a n/a
lt: Lithuanian Style Guide, Terminology lt.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 11 36 110 4
ml: Malayalam Style Guide, Terminology ml.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 4 0
nb_NO: Norwegian Style Guide, Terminology nb_NO.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 129 48 392 0
nl: Dutch Style Guide, Terminology nl.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 19 161 752 29
or: Oriya or.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 7 0
pa: Punjabi Style Guide, Terminology pa.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 4 0
pl: Polish Style Guide, Terminology pl.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 3 51 80 6
pt_BR: Portuguese Style Guide, Terminology pt_BR.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 14 95 78 55
pt_PT: Portuguese Style Guide, Terminology pt_PT.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 43 59 235 3
rm: Romansh rm.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 n/a n/a
ro: Romanian Style Guide, Terminology ro.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 102 26 69 4
ru: Russian Style Guide, Terminology ru.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 18 27 224 0
sk: Slovak Style Guide, Terminology sk.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 13 8 59 0
sl: Slovenian Style Guide, Terminology sl.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 54 204 16
sr_RS@cyrillic: Serbian Style Guide, Terminology sr_RS@cyrillic.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 3 3 n/a n/a
sr_RS@latin: Serbian Style Guide, Terminology sr_RS@latin.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 14 4 n/a n/a
sv: Swedish Style Guide, Terminology sv.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 35 113 588 21
te: Telugu Style Guide, Terminology te.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 0 3 0
th: Thai Style Guide, Terminology th.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 1 0 n/a n/a
tr: Turkish Style Guide, Terminology tr.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 36 54 n/a n/a
uk: Ukrainian Style Guide, Terminology uk.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 14 20 122 0
wa: Walloon wa.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 0 1 n/a n/a
zh_CN: Chinese Style Guide, Terminology zh_CN.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 51 50 n/a n/a
zh_TW: Chinese Style Guide, Terminology zh_TW.po: (%) translated, fuzzy, 68 46 n/a n/a
Total Syle Guides, Terminology 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 45 956 1971 6166 2174

Legend - Consistency

The consistency checks can help identify many common translation issues, some of which can even cause Wine to crash. So please review the issues found in your language's translation and send patches to Wine to fix them.

That said the consistency checks are based on heuristics which means they can also generate false positives, albeit hopefully not too many of them. The way these are handled is by adding them to a file so they are ignored. These are shown in the 'Ignored' column. So when encountering a false positive please email the corresponding lines from the report to

You can even do one step better by preparing the lines I should copy / paste to the ignore file. Ignore files use the same format as PO files but with no translation and a special comment specifying which check to skip for a given msgid. For instance:

The potool checks are:
accel - Checks that the accelerator key was translated and uses the same modifier keys.
accelsign - Checks that a plus sign is used in the accelerator key description.
colon - Checks the consistency of the trailing colons. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean colons are recognized.
comma - Checks the consistency of the trailing commas.
doublespace - Checks that a single space is used between sentences or after a comma.
drive - Checks the consistency of references to drive letters.
ellipsis - Checks that the translated string also has a trailing ellipsis. Ellipses have a very specific meaning in GUIs so this is important. See also the 'uellipsis' check.
epoint - Checks the consistency of the trailing exclamation points. The Japanese, Korean and Chinese full-width exclamation points are recognized.
fmt - Checks that the translation's formatting directive are consistent with the source string's. This is very important as a mismatch could cause a crash.
fmtmix - Checks that the source string's formatting directives don't mix different styles, such as named Python directives and numbered Mac OS X ones. '%s %1!d!' would be wrong for instance.
fmtreorder - Checks that the source string's formatting directives can be reordered. '%d out of %d' would be wrong for instance. This is important as some translations may need to reorder sentence parts and thus the formatting directives.
fstop - Checks the consistency of the trailing full stop. The Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and Urdu full stops are recognized. Thai is assumed to not use full stops. Reordering of full stops around closing parentheses and quotes is allowed.
headspace - Checks the consistency of the leading spaces. See also the 'tailspace' check.
lf - Checks the layout of linefeeds in the translation matches that of the source string. Note that this is prone to false positives for messages that hardcode line wrapping.
nbsp - Checks that a non-breaking space is used in French before (or after as appropriate) the smart quotes and ':;!?' punctuations.
qmark - Checks the consistency of the trailing question marks. The Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Greek, Japanese and Urdu question marks are recognized.
tailspace - Checks the consistency of the trailing spaces. See also the 'headspace' check.
unchanged - Causes translations that are identical to the source string to be reported. This can help detect strings that should have been translated. But it can also cause a lot of false positives and thus is turned off by default.
uellipsis - Checks that the translated string also uses a Unicode ellipsis. This is useful for systems that mandate use of a Unicode ellipsis in the GUI rather that three dots. See also the 'ellipsis' check.

Legend - Spelling

Spelling mistakes make any application look bad. Help us make sure this does not happen to Wine by reviewing the errors spotted by the spellchecker and submitting patches to Wine.

However standard dictionaries are missing a lot of domain-specific vocabulary. So when reviewing the spelling errors, email the list of words to add to your language's dictionary to so you don't have to skip over them on your next pass.

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