WineConf 2018
img_1426 - 25th anniversary edition img_1429-1430 img_1433 - 25th anniversary edition img_1434 - With the help of a little bit of tweaking img_1435 - 1993 img_1436 - 1994
WineConf 2018 The Crowd! Alexandre's Keynote 4M lines Early history Early history
img_1438 img_1439 img_1441 img_1442 img_1444 img_1446 - I founded CodeWeavers, helping people use Windows applications on Linux and non-traditional platforms.
Current development Wine Staging status Number of commits Regressions Discussion topics Jeremy White
img_1449 - Hacking on all sorts of Wine parts for CodeWeavers. I'm also mentoring people. img_1450 - I'm one of the CodeWeavers support staff people. I drink Wine that's it. img_1451 - I do QA for CodeWeavers. img_1452 - I have been with CodeWeavers for about 5 days. I will hack Wine... soon. img_1453 - I work on Wine for CodeWeavers. img_1454 - I do QA for CodeWeavers.
Huw Davies Mandi Gagne Hana Pagel Samathy Barrat Jactry Zeng Katie Grace
img_1455 - I'm hacking on Wine for CodeWeavers and other stuff as well. img_1456 - I'm from Japan. Nice to meet you. img_1457 - I don't use Wine anymore but I help run the charity Software Freedom Conservancy. We take care of the things CodeWeavers does not. img_1458 - I'm just a student starting out on Wine. img_1459 - I'm at CodeWeavers and I keep the servers up and running. img_1460 - I do business development for CodeWeavers.
Aric Stewart Nobuko Bradley Kuhn Gijs Vermeulen Jeremy Newman James Ramey
img_1461 - I'm from Japan too and I try to improve Wine for non-English speakers. img_1462 - I work on game ports for CodeWeavers and on ARM support. img_1463 - I work for ESRI, we make mapping software and we use Wine on our servers. img_1464 - I've been with CodeWeavers for about 6 months. img_1465 - I do tech support for CodeWeavers. img_1466 - I hack on Wine and I maintain winetricks.
Akihiro Sagawa Stefan Dösinger Daniel Lehman Sergio Del Real Vince Lund Austin English
img_1467 - I represent the unwashed masses that roam on the Wine forums constantly. img_1468 - I work on Direct 3D and this year I host WineConf. img_1470 - I'm a Wine user. img_1471 - I've done the ARM and ARM 64 ports. img_1472 - I'm working on QA for CodeWeavers. img_1473 - I also work for CodeWeavers.
Robert Walker Henri Verbeet Remco Lanting André Hentschel Anna Lasky Piotr Caban
img_1474 - I'm packaging Wine for Debian and Ubuntu now. img_1475 - I've been working on the Vulkan support. img_1476 - I'm not a Wine developer but I'm pretty happy to be here. img_1477 - I have been using Wine for many years and sometimes I manage to submit a patch but less often than I'd like to. img_1478 - I mostly work on 3D stuff for CodeWeavers. img_1427 - bis
Jens Reyer Roderic Colebrander Piotr's girlfriend Julius Schwartzenberg Matteo Bruni Matteo Bruni
img_1479 - I don't hack Wine, I hack CrossOver which is a real nightmare. img_1480 - I work on Wine for CodeWeavers. img_1481 - I work for CCP games and we use Wine for EVE Online. img_1482 - I contribute to Wine by investigating all kinds of bugs. When something crashes I'm your man. img_1483 - I work on Direct 3D for CodeWeavers. img_1484 - I work on Wine for CodeWeavers.
Josh Dubois Nikolay Sivov Snorri Sturluson Focht Józef Kucia Vincent Povirk
img_1485 - I help maintain Wine Staging. img_1486 - I work for CodeWeavers on internal projects. img_1487 - I port applications for CodeWeavers. img_1488 - I work on various projects in Wine for CodeWeavers. img_1489 - I'm working on Wine for CodeWeavers. img_1490 - I work for the university of Utah and Wine is my hobby.
Zebediah Figura Andrew Eikum Owen Rudge Hans Leidekker Zhiyi Zhang Alex Henrie
img_1491 - I work on printing and run WineTest on real hardware rather than real machines. img_1492 - I'm not a developer. I've been involved with users for 10 years now. You will see me on forums, the AppDB and the wiki. img_1493 - I used to hack on Wine. Now I'm mostly coordinating CodeWeavers development resources. img_1494 - I'm hacking on Wine as a hobby. I'm mostly found on the bug tracker but also sometimes sending patches. img_1495 - I'm 1 mm from doing many things on Wine. And I'm not working for CodeWeavers, surprisingly. img_1496 - My speciality is mass code changes and breaking stable.
Detlef Riekenberg Rosanne DiMesio Ulrich Czekalla Fabian Maurer Linards Liepiņš Michael Stefaniuc
img_1497 - I do the SUSE packaging and I occasionally look at the Coverity scanner and other static analyzers. img_1498 - I have been rejecting patches for 25 years. And I'm just getting started. img_1500 - Zebediah Figura - Patches in Staging img_1501 img_1507 img_1516
Marcus Meissner Alexandre Julliard State and future of Wine Staging Future of Wine Staging To Delete? Group Photo
img_1517 img_1520 - Jeff Hanson img_1522 - and proprietary file format img_1524 - André Hentschel and Stefan Dösinger img_1525 img_1526
Group Photo The Electronic Design Automation Market PCB Editor An Update on ARM Emulation Hangover Status DLL Status
img_1528 img_1529 img_1530 img_1531 img_1532 img_1533
DLL Options ARM Performance Issues WORMS:2 Demo! More Hangover demos Hangover todos Mac 32 bit support
img_1534 img_1535 img_1536 img_1537 img_1538 img_1539
Option 1 Idea 2 Where to leave the emulator? qemu-linux-user on macOS qemu-macos-user Pull everything into the emulator
img_1540 img_1541 img_1542 img_1543 img_1544 - running on André's ARM phone img_1547
Speed up qemu? Carefully engineer wrapper libs The actual solution? Anno 1602 Hangover demo Anno 1602 Hangover demo Anno 1602 Hangover demo
img_1549 img_1552 img_1557 img_1558 - Rosanne DiMesio, Robert Walker; Matteo Bruni, Vincent Povirk, Anna Lasky, Roderick Colebrander, Julius Schwartzenberg, Alex Henrie, Jens Reyer; Josh Dubois, Jactry Zeng, Akihiro Sagawa, Stefan Dösinger, Owen Rudge, Nikolay Sivov; Jeremy Newman, Vince Lund, Katie Grace, Hans Keidekker, Michael Stefaniuc, ... img_1560 - Aric Stewart, Nobuko; Detlef Riekenberg, André Hentschel, Akihiro Sagawa, James Ramey img_1561 - Food!
Notepad++ Hangover demo My Father the Wine user Saturday evening barbecue Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue
img_1563 - Excellent cooks img_1564 - Vince Lund, Samathy Barratt, Mandi Gagne, Focht img_1566 - Gijs Vermeulen, ???, Marie, Huw Davies; Andrew Eikum, Bridget Adams; Austin English, Nikolay Sivov img_1567 - Bryce Werkmeister, Katie Grace, Jeremy Newman img_1569 - Alexandre Julliard, Michael Stefaniuc, Hans Leidekker, Zebediah Figura img_1571 - Jeff Hanson; Józef Kucia, ???, Snorri Sturluson, Bradley Kuhn, Rosanne DiMesio, Robert Walker, Daniel Lehman; ...
Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue
img_1572m - Marcus Meissner img_1573 - Józef Kucia; Jeff Hanson, Marcus Meissner, Ulrich Czekalla, Piotr Caban, Hana Pagel, ??? img_1575 - Samathy Barratt, Mandi Gagne, Focht, Gijs Vermeulen, ???; ???, Aric Stewart img_1576 img_1577 img_1581
Barbecue Barbecue Barbecue Wine's 25th birthday cake Cakes Rehearsing the speech?
img_1582 img_1584 img_1585 - Henri's parents for preparing the evening dinner img_1590 - gets first cut at the cake (or threatens anyone submitting patches that fail the tests) img_1591 - takes over maintainership of the cake img_1596 - The four freedoms
25 years! Jeremy's speech Thanking Alexandre Henri's sister Why We Must Wine for Software Freedom
img_1597 img_1598 img_1599 img_1600 img_1603 img_1605
Software Freedom as Actual First Principle Copyleft is a Tool, Not a Principle Licensing isn't the only thing Wine: 1 of 3 First Projects A Key Class of Conservancy Projects Games People Play
img_1606 img_1607 img_1608 img_1610 img_1611 img_1612
Challenging Microsoft Commercial Resilience of Software Freedom Conservancy as neutral territory One fact about Fiscal Sponsorship Wine Vulkan Architecture Introduction
img_1614 img_1616 img_1617 img_1620 img_1622 img_1624
Wine Vulkan Architecture Wine Vulkan Loader Status: Vulkan 1.1 Roadmap WineTest infrastructure discussion Introduction to Wine Direct3D architecture
img_1626 img_1627 img_1628 img_1631 img_1633 img_1634 - Linux Nvidia and Intel
History Key points How things fit together Shader compiler Command stream Drivers
img_1636 - MacOS img_1639 img_1640 img_1641 img_1642 img_1644
Drivers Direct3D 12 CCP's experience with Wine for EVE Online Introduction EVE Online Complex scenes
img_1645 img_1648 - With TransGaming via Cedega img_1651 img_1652 img_1653 img_1654
Multi-head Mac/Linux support EVE Online launcher Reintroducing Linux Wine builds Wine customizations
img_1657 img_1659-1660
Roadblocks That's all Folks!