Madurodam in The Hague
img_1158 img_1159 img_1160-1166 - at a glance img_1184 - The Hague img_1167 - The Hague img_1248 - The Hague
Madurodam Madurodam Holland Peace Palace Peace Palace Peace Palace
img_1169 - Utrecht (and Schreierstoren Tower, Amsterdam in the background) img_1170 img_1266 - National Monument Dam Square img_1172 - National Monument Dam Square img_1174 - Zwolle img_1175 - where the queue is, Amsterdam
Dom Tower Typical Dutch town houses National Monument op de Dam National Monument op de Dam City Gate 'Sassenpoort' Anne Frank Museum
img_1178 - Hertogenbosch img_1179 - Amsterdam and Hertogenbosch respectively img_1182 - Amsterdam img_1267 - Amsterdam img_1181 - Je maintiendrai - The Netherlands motto and gull img_1185 - on the Royal Palace 'Het Loo'
Saint John's Cathedral Westerkerk Church and Saint John's Cathedral National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum Crows
img_1186 - img_1270 - img_1188 - Muiden img_1189 img_1191 - and Thalys high speed train img_1192 - and successfully extinguished fire
Royal Palace 'Het Loo' Royal Palace 'Het Loo' Castle 'Muiderslot' Windmill Windmill Tanker
img_1193 - and gift shop img_1195 - Hoek van Holland img_1197 - based in Rotterdam img_1198 - and refinery in Rotterdam img_1199 img_1200
High-speed ferry Flood barrier 'Maeslantkering' Cruise ship Vopak terminal Utrecht Centraal Utrecht Centraal
img_1206 - Amsterdam img_1203 img_1204 - not miniatures! img_1205 - with the right mix of trucks and cars img_1207 - Stena Line is a Swedish company operating many lines to the neighbouring countries img_1208
Shiphol airport Gulliver Tulips Motorway Ferry Freight train
img_1209 - canal and garden img_1210 - train tracks and garden img_1212 - Aalsmeer img_1215 - Zaandam img_1220 - The model for Cachan's city hall img_1222 - The model for Cachan's city hall
Miniature Miniature Bloemenveiling flower auction Paltrokmolen mill Hilversum City Hall Hilversum City Hall
img_1225 - Rotterdam img_1226 - from the Six Servants fairy tale by the Grimm brothers img_1228 img_1229 - The Hague img_1230 - The Hague img_1233 - Venlo
Nationale-Nederlanden headquarters Long neck servant Countryside village The Ridderzaal (Knight's Hall) Binnenhof Schreurs house
img_1234 - Amsterdam img_1236 - Amsterdam img_1237 - Gouda img_1238 - Gouda img_1243 - Gouda img_1241 - 'Goudkantoor' - Groningen
Rijksmuseum Rijksmuseum Gouda City center Gouda City Hall Gouda City Hall Historical Gold Office
img_1244 img_1246 - Amsterdam img_1251 - Amsterdam img_1252 - Amsterdam img_1254 - Amsterdam img_1255 - Amsterdam
Gull Winkelcentrum Magna Plaza and Royal Palace ING Bank offices ING Bank offices ING Bank offices ING Bank offices
img_1256 - Sneek img_1258 - small second left building of the block, Franeker img_1262 - in traditional Dutch houses (the Vrolijk shop is in The Hague) img_1263 - in traditional Dutch houses and giant tourists img_1264
Watergate Planetarium Eisinga Row of shops Shops Flower bed